August 26, 2014

I just received a packet of information from the Siddha Yoga program that I was inquiring about. The program is very interesting and yes I do intend to start working on the monthly workbooks. However the classes and certifications are not what I first assumed. Siddha Yoga is apparently much deeper than stretching and meditation, I already knew this, I just wasn’t entirely sure on the specifics and I’m still not. This program is a fifteen year long program, at the end of which then a certification is awarded. I tried to have a conversation with the inmate that shared this information with me and is certified after fifteen long years of mailing back and forth monthly lessons, but I couldn’t fully understand him because he has Parkinson’s disease and it affects his speech to the point where I can only decipher bits and pieces of what he says. The packet that was sent to me was descriptive, yet also vague. It says the program contains the teachings of Gurumayi Chidvilasanada, a spiritual master that will teach us to live our lives as true human beings and share our innate goodness with the world, learning how to open the heart and experience the true joy and love that is our true nature. It also says that we will learn things like Sanskrit because there are not any words in the English language that are equivalent to conveying the same meaning. I must admit that I’m very apprehensive about this whole course; I just need to know more information about this before I dedicate the next fifteen years of my life to learning Siddha Yoga.

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