September 12, 2014

As I watched the news this morning, I see that three inmates had escaped from an Ohio prison up no here. One of the inmates that escaped was in Lebanon Correctional at the same time as me, just a few cells down from mine. I remember when he arrived at Lebanon because he seemed to be the only thing that people were talking about at the time. This kid was an extremely high profile case, making national news and now he’s back on the national news again. Convicted for the murder of three high school classmates and sentenced to three consecutive life terms. At the day of his sentencing he took off his button up shirt, uncovering a white t-shirt with the word KILLER hand written on the front in bold black letters. Now one would assume from watching all the prison movies made in America that this kid would be feared by other inmates, perhaps gaining some kind of respect, not to be messed with. Well this didn’t seem to be the case with “old’ killer”, no in fact it had the opposite effect. This kid was walking around scared to death and he had every reason to be because it seemed like everybody wanted a piece of him. He had to be escorted everywhere he went, even when going to chow, it seemed like every guard on duty was watching him to make sure he wouldn’t get hurt and even that didn’t help. People told him was going to hurt by others when the time was right and it always seemed to be the time. Inmates would walk up behind him in line and start punching him, then walk away like nothing happened. On store day other inmates were taking his commissary bag on the way back to the unit, it got to the point where staff deemed him a major liability and quickly sent him to another institution. Many people on the news are vocalizing their concerns for why such a high security inmate would be in a medium security prison, well this is why. The man’s life and safety was at risk, so they placed him in another prison where there’s not so much violence. Do I know this for a fact? No, let’s just call it an educated guess.

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