May 28, 2014

Prison Cellmate

Yes!! Finally, my good friend, Kurt moved into my cell with me. Life just got a little easier now that I have someone I trust and get along with sleeping in the bed above me. Having Kurt as a celly makes so many things in prison life easier to deal with. I no longer have to worry about my belongings being rummaged through or taken from me; I no longer have to worry about contraband, or illegal substances being brought into our cell, no more searching for suspicious smells coming from an unhygienic individual, etc. Kurt and I have many things in common, our daily routine matches up perfectly and we both share a goal that is centered on creating a better, drug free life and successful future after release from prison. Kurt just moved in here a few short hours ago, so it all really hasn’t set in yet. To an outside reader, this might not sound like a big deal, but living with a good, or bad cell mate can either make living in prison tolerable, or a living hell.

Having a celly that I like and trust continues to make day to day life in prison so much easier. I no longer worry about as many things each day, my routine is much easier to adhere to because it synchronizes with Kurt’s and we both help each other. Practicing the guitar is much more enjoyable now too. Kurt and I both have our own guitars and we play them together, making tunes sound more like music, helping me understand rhythms better without having the outside distractions of being surrounded by other inmates on the yard. Kurt is a skilled guitar player, far beyond my beginner status so I’d have to say that I get more out of it then he does, but it’s still enjoyable none the less. I started making another soap carving for my son, Taylor. I was making little Stewy from the Family Guy cartoon, then I broke his arms not being careful enough. Now I have to start all over again. I’m just a little bummed because I wanted to send it home in time for his birthday next week on the first. I already sent him one I made of Sponge Bob Square Pants, so it’s not like I didn’t get him a gift, it’s just that he already got Sponge Bob two weeks ago and I wanted him to have another one for on the date of his birthday. Oh well, at least I now have the rest of our lives to make up for lost birthdays with both of my children. I can’t beat myself up about this stuff forever.

So for those reading this work take heed to my free prison advice: stay patient and eventually you will be fortunate to find a bunkie or cellmate that has the same set of goals as you.

Steven Dybvad

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