January 31, 2015

More lies from staff. After my caseworker originally told me that I was found not guilty for a positive urine screen, I asked him for a printout of my prison record, which is called a rap sheet. In the past I’ve heard other inmates tell me about getting printouts of their rap sheet, so of course I was a little suspicious when my caseworker told me that we as inmates are not allowed to have a copy of our record, he said that only my attorney and family members are able to request a copy of such a document. A rap sheet is just a piece of paper that shows everything that we as inmates have done, accomplished, or had happened to during our sentence, such as certificates earned from classes taken, as well as the negative things such as getting a conduct ticket for breaking a rule, like the R.I.B. ticket that I was given for testing positive for THC. Now it all makes sense to me. My caseworker tells me one lie, and then he tells me yet another lie just to cover up his original lie, all just to get rid of me and not make him do more work. It amazes me how similar these staff members are to the very inmates they are paid to oversee. It’s no wonder how so many inmates in here have no respect for authority and that only amplifies with doing time in prison. I respect the law, I value rules set in place to follow, I have decent morals and values that were instilled in me at a very young age, but I have no respect for many of the staff that work here at Madison. I found out from another sergeant in this compound that I am allowed to have a copy of my rap sheet. I’m extremely tempted to fill out an informal complaint against this caseworker in order to insure that my rightful needs as an inmate are being met, so that I may best prepare for my future upon release. Filling out an informal complaint is supposed to be safe for us inmates, but sometimes it comes with severe consequences and repercussions made by resentful staff members, but that’s a story for another day, perhaps tomorrow

Steven Dybvad

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