worldlockApril 12, 2014

Should I take a plea deal?

This morning I had the shortest prospecting call of my life. A criminal defendant called to ask my opinion on whether he should take a plea deal. Please note, he asked me that after 15 seconds on the phone. Moreover, prior to him asking me I reminded him that I was not a lawyer and would never presume to dispense legal advice. He asked anyways.

Too many guys in my field would attempt to answer in a general fashion. For example, they would say, “the odds show X amount win at trial and X amount lose. You better take a deal.” Now mind you most would say this after 15 seconds on the phone.

Rather than answer a question I cannot answer, I inquired into his legal situation. He hates his lawyer, he said. Okay. Many men blame their lawyers for their current plight in life. His answer didn’t give me much. I asked him again if he has been discussing his case openly with his lawyer. When he answered, he answered no. From there I told him that the next thing he should do is call his lawyer to form a plan. But that plan cannot be created unless he is speaking openly and honestly about his alleged conduct.

Too many unqualified people offer legal opinions. I am not a lawyer. I frequently send referrals to lawyers just like they frequently send referrals to me. They know that I have an expertise they do not have and vice versa. In Los Angeles and the surrounding areas I have had a lot of success with superstar lawyers Alan Eisner and Dmitry Gorin. Not only do they help me locally, but when I need a referral to lawyers across the country they always help me.

After he speaks with his lawyer we are scheduling another call. From there, I suspect, our work together will begin.

Justin Paperny


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