November 04, 2014

I recently sent out two separate kites(request forms) to confront the two staff members that are reportedly spreading false rumors about me. First of all it’s one problem to hear that staff members are gossiping amongst each other about inmates, it’s a completely separate and new problem to hear that a staff member is telling another inmate lies about me. I have no idea what the rumor is that’s being said about me, all I do know is that it’s about my recovery/substance abuse which according to my caseworker the information came from the recovery services worker who was also my counselor at the Nova House Rehabilitation Center nearly eight long years ago. Might I also mention that I haven’t spoken to this woman in eight years and yet she’s talking about me and what I gather would have to be recent fabricated stories. I’m no longer letting the emotions of this unjust behavior control my day or consume me, but what’s being done by prison staff is wrong and it would be wrong for me to accept it, or just lay down and take it, I’m stronger than that now and I deserve better. What I did find out is that my caseworker knows my old counselor because he was also a resident of the Nova House for his own addiction problems. I don’t know the details of certain rules and laws surrounding residential rehabs, however I do know that it’s confidential, I have certain rights to privacy concerning my stay at the Nova House and it appears to me that they were broken by the very woman that was paid to protect my rights not to mention completely unethical and unprofessional. I sent her a kite more than a week ago to confront her and find out the truth, but just as I suspected, she still hasn’t answered my request to see her and I don’t think she will because I have no doubt she knows why I want to see her and she knows that she made a poor decision, one that’s not helping me fight the fact that I’ve been wrongly accused of a positive urine screen. Having not spoken to me in the last eight years, she has no idea how much I’ve changed in my life, or the fact that I have three amazingly productive years of sobriety. I also sent a kite to speak with my caseworker about these rumors he’s helping to spread about me and I’m sure he will also stealth fully evade me, knowing he’s wrong for his actions. I’ve been waiting for a pass to the law library so I can try to find out as much information as possible about the DRC rules in prison and what rights I have as an inmate are. I see that today they finally put me on the pass list; I just hope they give me enough time to find the information I need. It won’t be easy for me because this is my first time having to go through law books and I’m just not sure where to begin. All I know is that Madison penitentiary messed with the wrong inmate. If these two staff members continue to avoid me, I’ll take the next step and file a formal complaint along with several other formal complaints surrounding the issues of my stay here at Madison which will go directly to Columbus headquarters for investigation.

Steven Dybvad

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