August 25, 2014

Guards and prison staff members are angry. Just a few short days after a prison wide drug testing and they’re finding bags of hooch brewing in inmates cells. This is not long after finding a pound of marijuana stashed in the shower vents in my unit. Apparently the staff here are taking this as a slap in the face, so they decided to lock down my unit and tear up every one of our cells, one by one they came through here with approximately fifteen guards and three or four Sargent’s. They didn’t accomplish much, other than messing up our personal property and taking minor items of contraband from inmates. The guards that tore up my cell confiscated two of my unopened bottles of orange juice, without even asking me if I had a receipt from the commissary, which I did because I always keep my receipts for this very reason. The guards took my orange juice down to the guards desk where the sergeants were hanging out and decided to open my bottles to see if there was hooch (prison brewed alcohol) in my bottles, which of course there was not, but the point is that the seals on the bottles had not even been broken, by rules they should have asked me for my receipt and if they open them they were to reimburse me for my purchases, instead they just threw my orange juice in the trash after realizing it was in fact orange juice, not a care in the world for my property. Was this worth saying something to them about, causing a commotion, of course not, it’s just another part of being in prison, having to deal with some of the many thing that we have no control over in here.

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