November 15, 2014

This prison and its officials continue to give me the run a round and treat me like I’m some kind of fool. As I said before, I’ve been trying to get a pass down to the law library to learn more about the rules and policies set in place for all prisons in the state of Ohio to abide by. After finding out last week how difficult the staff here is making it for the inmates on cell isolation to go down to the law library I immediately started sending kites to any and everybody. I was told by other staff and inmates to ask the unit sergeant for permission, so I did. The unit sergeant told me to send a kite to the unit manager, so I did. Finally I got my kite back with the daily mail, the response the unit manager had written was not surprising, but unsettling none the least. The kite simply said “asks your sergeant”. Then I see a sign posted on the board that states if we want to go to the law library, we need to get permission from our unit sergeant. How childish and unprofessional can these staff members here possibly get!?? I’m so frustrated at the blatant and continued unethical actions of the staff and officials working in this prison. With each and every interaction I have with these individuals I lose more and more respect, at this point I have no respect for these individuals, they don’t do their jobs, they lie, they’re constantly breaking the very rules, regulations and policies that they were hired for and paid to follow. The staff here acts very much like the inmates, crossing many lines, breaking any rule that they see fit to meet their needs, living day to day in a constant grey area. The system is extremely corrupt, and with no one to around to enforce the actions made by prison guards, staff and its officials, I don’t see this ever changing…. I have every intention to confront this sergeant the next time I see him and ask him why he chose to send me on a wild goose chase for an answer to a request that he had the power to control all along.


Steven Dybvad

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