August 03, 2015

I’ve been trucking right along these last few weeks, just as I have been these last few years. But there’s been one thing at the back of my mind lately, the unknowing question to if and when I’ll get a response to my application for early release. Finally, that question has been answered. I earned my early release from the parole board and the judge saw fit to follow through with their recomendation. I’m so thrilled, relieved and excited! My caseworker has informed me that I’ve been assigned to the V.O.A. halfway house in Dayton, Ohio, that’s just minutes away from my home. I have not yet recieved a date for release. The caseworker explained to me that my release date will be changed on the computer just two weeks prior to my release. From that point, a secretary will call me down to their office to fill out the necessary paperwork for my release. Once this happens, I’ll be released to the custody of the V.O.A. less than ten days after I’ve filled out the necessary paperwork for exitting the penal system. I don’t feel I could be anymore ready to start my new life than I am right now. Thank God for second chances!

Steven Dybvad

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