PRISON INFO./ADVICE;- Here at Madison, each cell block unit, which is separated into two units per building and holds approximately 200 inmates per unit. Each unit has two television rooms, one room is for regular broadcasting shows and the other is for the movie channel which is controlled by the prison, playing a new movie from Netflix every three days. The movies are played on a continuous loop, so every inmate has an opportunity to watch it. The movie channel can also be picked up wireless on our own personal televisions in our cell where the majority of inmates prefer to watch from. Up until last week the television rooms held big, old bubble style televisions, now they just installed flat screens, mounted to the wall, with a remote mounted to the wall as well. Before the flat screens were installed the picture was horrible because the screens were fading out, which made no difference to me because I prefer to watch TV. In my cell, free from arguments and loud obnoxiously rude inmates, besides all they really do is yell and scream about sports, or talk during the entire movie. Many people go in the TV. room to do things like get a haircut, or braided, or the exchange of commerce, away from the eyes of watchful guards. One of the guards that works in our unit regularly also sometimes works in the minimum camp of Madison next door, he was telling us in a conversation about the flat screens that the minimum camp moved their televisions out of the TV. rooms and installed them on the walls in the dayrooms, where there’s multiple flat screens, having to tune in to the volume of each television through signals on their personal radios. This is setup much like the televisions in federal prisons, only inmates in state prisons still have the option of purchasing personal televisions, where as if my information is correct federal inmates do not. The guard also told us that the old television rooms now have chairs and desks in one and computers for the inmates in the other. It sounds like the prisons are starting to make a few good improvements in an attempt to keep up with time and technology, from Jpay, with emails and mini tablets to flat screens and computers, prison just isn’t the same as it used to be, as many of the senior residents would say.


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