October 16, 2014

More unwanted consequences. One thing I learned just last year was that I qualify for T.C. which stands for Transition Control. T.C. enables an inmate in the state of Ohio to be released up to six months early, spending the duration of one’s sentence in a state approved halfway house. This allows people time to acclimate to a drastic change in living, transitioning from years of imprisonment, being told what to do every second of every day to a life of freedom in the real world. A halfway house enables men time to find a job, save money for housing,
car, cost of living, etc., helping us to get one step up in the struggles of life in society. Unfortunately for me that opportunity has been taken away from me unless someone helps me prove to these prison officials that my urine specimen was mistakenly assessed, clerically or scientifically, whatever the reason may be, I deserve a due process, an opportunity to prove what I already know to be true. As a horticulture student I also earned two good days taken off of my original sentence through class attendance, well now it sounds like that has been taken from me as well. Every day that I continue to sit on this undeserved isolated punishment becomes more frustrating. Am I lashing out at people because of this, of course not, it’s not in my nature as a clear headed individual that’s free from mood altering substances to act in such a way, besides I was raised better than that. This doesn’t mean that I don’t have every right to be upset about a situation that I’ve worked so hard over these last few years to avoid, spending every second of everyday to become a healthy and sober individual, making sure I steer clear of any trouble, always going the extra mile to plot a course that doesn’t intersect with life altering problems like the ones that come with using marijuana.


Steven Dybvad


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