I just had one of the best visits in a very long time. My daughter, Caitlin, who is now eighteen and old enough to drive up here and visit me on her own, did just that. Caitlin and I sat and talked for the whole visit. It was so enjoyable, listening to my daughter go on and on about things that every eighteen year old girl talks about. I’m so happy that she feels comfortable enough to talk to me about her personal issues in life. I so desperately want to grow closer to Caitlin after my release from prison; this latest visit was just one of many steps in the right direction. Over the past couple of months, Caitlin and I have been talking on the phone more frequently than ever. Much of our relationship growing closer over this last year has to do with her being eighteen, with less restrictions from her mother, wanting to protect Caitlin and keep her from being hurt by me again, which I completely understand. Everything up to this point has been my fault. I was a terrible father, absent from so many important parts of her life growing up. My addiction to substances has hurt the most important people in my life. I’ll be spending the rest of my life on this earth trying to repair and rebuild these relationships. But I look forward to the journey…..

Steven Dybvad

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