September 7, 2014

For a few weeks now I’ve been hearing about a group of people that go down to the gym on Saturday mornings and practice yoga. Having a passion for yoga, never missing a day that I don’t go without my morning 10:30-11 a.m. ritual of yoga stretching and meditation I was very interested. However hesitant, not knowing who exactly was participating in the class and who the instructor was, I wasn’t sure about going down to find out until yesterday when my friend Kurt told me he was going to go check it out. He assured me that the men in the class are decent guys and the instructor is pretty good as well, so I joined him. At first I was very uncomfortable, we were all in the gym on the sidelines of a basketball game, making it very difficult for me to focus and relax. After about ten or fifteen minutes I started to relax, enjoying some of the new stretches I eventually forgot about the basketball players just feet away from us. I normally take yoga as part of my daily meditation, using it to reflect or just clear my thoughts, this played a role in my trepidation towards joining a group of convicts in a gymnasium, but once I let all that apprehension go I was able to enjoy myself. We did many stretches and yoga poses, for more than an hour we were down in the gym. I plan on doing this again next week, perhaps making it part of my Saturday routine from now on.

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