Before Prison
Get Prepared

What To Do When the Feds Show Up
The Seriousness Of the Situation (Federal Sentencing Guidelines)
Overcoming the Dread of Investigation /From Surreal to Real
Handling the Media
Getting a Lawyer
Accepting Responsibility
Talking to Family and Friends
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Get The Facts

Overview of The Bureau of Prisons
Reporting to Federal Prison
First Day in Federal Prison
Life in Federal Prison Camp
Life in a Medical Facility
Medical Treatment in Prison
Living Conditions in Federal Prison Camp
The Residential Drug Abuse Program
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Get Ready

Preparing For Halfway House

Life at the Halfway House
Violations at the Halfway House
Home Confinement
Supervised Release
Violating on Supervised Release
Dating after Prison
Filling Out Job Applications and Interviewing
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Justin Paperny, author of Lessons From Prison and Ethics is Motion, is the foremost expert on prison consulting and white-collar crime. Since his release from prison in 2009 he has helped hundreds of defendants and their families thrive through the criminal justice system. Additionally, Justin has been a keynote speaker to academic and business audiences across the nation. His clients include The FBI Academy, New York University, and KPMG.


Upon retaining Justin Paperny as my prison consultant I immediately knew I had made the right choice. He prepared me for the road ahead and put together a plan for me to succeed after my release. With his help I have been able to change prison into a positive experience in my life. Not only does he work with you one on one but he will work with your loved ones as well. The comfort he was able to offer my mother was truly a blessing. Times like these can be very hard although with the help of Justin Paperny you too can make prison a productive, positive experience in your life. – Warren Schultz
Justin Paperny is an amazing resource for my law firm's criminal defense clients. As an author and consultant, Justin has helped many firm clients, facing an uncertain future, with strategic advice leading to reduced sentences. Besides being a top national consultant to individuals facing the risk of conviction and incarceration, Justin is an amazing speaker and motivator who has presented to my law students at Pepperdine University, receiving great acclaim. He is humble, hard-working, and intelligent, someone who has learned from his own life lessons and now advocates for others' personal and ethical growth. Justin is a necessary and credible resource to anyone involved in the criminal justice system. – Dmitry Gorin, Criminal Defense Attorney; Former L.A. Deputy District Attorney; Adjunct Professor Pepperdine Law School
I’m very fortunate to have met Justin Paperny who is helping me through this transition in my life. The old saying that you don’t know what you don’t know could not be any more profound than preparing to surrender to federal prison."
– David Foley