There were a multitude of negative consequences that came out of my crime that impacted numerous individuals. I tried to focus on some of the positive things that managed to come out of my situation. Here they are;

1. I have reconnected with my faith in a meaningful fashion. Prior to prison, I dealt with my religion on a superficial basis. It is true that people find God in prison. When you are alone and depressed, reaching out to your God is a very easy thing to do.

2. I have learned who my true friends really are. People who supported Me despite the exposure of my worst faults are my true friends. Who needs the people who gossip and say mean spirited things over the internet about the faults of others?

3. My son has dramatically steeped up his game and maturity level with respect to college and work. I am very proud of him. Prior to prison, I spoiled him which enabled him to ignore responsible behavior at times. It is hard to spoil a child from prison!

4. My wife is living in Florida. She loves warm weather. (ok, I will admit that she did not plan to move south under these circumstances.)

5. I have been able to spend countless hours analyzing my past behavior. Prison has afforded me that time. I truly believe that this time has helped me change in a positive fashion. I have more humility, gratitude and patience.

6. My prior position as a litigation partner in a law firm had become stale and boring. Prison eliminated that career and I am now focused on what I will be doing in the future. I am excited about my what lies ahead. Positive change can evolve from negative situations.

7. I have spent most of my life searching for validation from others. This behavior stemmed from my childhood insecurities. I am no longer concerned nor do I have the time or resources to pursue such behavior. I am simply focused on living a healthy and responsible life.

8. My monthly overhead has declined in a dramatic fashion. I now realize that I can be happy with allot less “stuff” in my life.

9. My physical health has improved in prison. I work out on a daily basis since I have plenty of excess time that I did not have prior to coming to prison.

10. Prison has separated me from my wife and my son. This separation has enabled me to see just how important they are to me and how much I love them. I took them for granted at times in the past, and that will never happen again!

My tragedy has produced some positive results. There really can be a silver lining to a terrible event.

Ken Flaska

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