Late yesterday a very nice event took place here at Camp Fed, I should really say an extraordinary event happened, one of the inmates was given an immediate release after his 2 Point Reduction went thru.  Now I don’t know the exact legal terms of this deal, but it was the result of a program worked out last year in Congress giving those charged and sentenced under the Draconian Drug laws of the 1980s relief because the sentences mandated and imposed were totally ridiculous.  People being incarnated for double the terms of murders for pot, cocaine and other illegal substances, terms of 15, 20 and 25 and more years doled out to young men and women who were not the drug lords, who did not do violent crimes, and ended up in prison because of the laws passed during the crazy war on drugs.  This particular individual had already served 12 years of his 15 year sentence and because of the 2 point reduction he was now in prison longer than the reduction mandated and was entitled to immediate release.  It is crazy that there are thousands of such people in prison for these crimes and sentences while rapists, murders, pedophiles get out in 3 or 4 or 5 years, it’s crazy.  This country needs prison reform desperately, needs sentence reform even more and has to rethink what our idea of justice and punishment means in this country.  There is a bill now in Congress that can go a way towards doing this but has been thrown around like a political  football, isn’t it time we as citizens started to take care of our citizens in a just and human way.

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