October 12, 2014

75 Things Not To Do In Prison

Justin Paperny wrote a great blog last week entitled 100 things to do in Prison. I have admittedly hijacked the concept underpinning his work and have come up with 75 things NOT to do in Prison. I must also add that Justin has taught me most of these things either directly through his consulting or through his video series.


  1. Be a snitch
  2. Befriend the guards
  3. Sit on someone else’s bunk
  4. Cut in line
  5. Forget to say please
  6. Forget to say Thank You
  7. Steal
  8. Possess a cell phone
  9. Possess illegal substances
  10. Watch Television all day
  11. Borrow a fellow inmates prescription medication
  12. Operate a business
  13. Make every inmate your friend
  14. Make no inmate your friend
  15. Miss Count
  16. Fail to maintain the cleanliness of your area
  17. Fail to courtesy flush
  18. Make loud noise’s after lights out
  19. Abuse phone privileges
  20. Abuse email privileges
  21. Enter out of bound areas
  22. Fail to take the classes your unit counselor recommends
  23. Fail to take advantage of educational opportunities
  24. Fail to write to your family and friends
  25. Fail to call your family and friends
  26. Fail to plan for your future after prison
  27. Touch another inmate
  28. Ignore your physical health
  29. Ignore your mental health
  30. Fail to go to the Dentist
  31. Tell your family how bad Prison really is
  32. Get into a fight
  33. Change the TV channel
  34. Sit in someone else’s chair
  35. Brag about what you have
  36. Brag about your family
  37. Brag about your crime
  38. Tell everyone your innocent if you are not
  39. Believe and spread rumors about Federal Sentence Reform
  40. Count on winning your appeal
  41. Forget to read
  42. Ignore real world news
  43. Forget what got you into prison in the first place
  44. Play cards for twelve hours a day
  45. Tell people not to visit
  46. Not make amends to the people you hurt
  47. Fail to shower enough
  48. Borrow things from other inmates
  49. Be rude
  50. Show other inmates how afraid you really are
  51. Verbally insult another inmate
  52. Verbally insult a guard
  53. stare at other inmates
  54. reach over other inmate’s food in the mess hall
  55. Think you are better than the other inmates
  56. Think playing on the prison softball team will lead to a career
  57. Be disrespectful
  58. Lose your temper
  59. Fail to walk away from a situation that can only lead to trouble
  60. Abuse mail privileges
  61. Forget about your religion
  62. Fail to realize the real world goes on without you
  63. Fail to realize that people in the real world are waiting for your return
  64. Fail to take advantage of RDAP if you qualify for treatment
  65. Discuss politics
  66. Discuss religion
  67. Cry in front of other inmates
  68. Complain about the length of your sentence
  69. Complain about the length of someone else’s sentence
  70. Share the details of your crime
  71. Share the details of someone else’s crime
  72. Smuggle food out of the mess hall
  73. Gamble
  74. Fail to read the prison handbook
  75. Give up hope

Ken Flaska


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