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Blog Entry 32

March 24, 2015

Recently I was challenged by someone I consider a mentor to document the final months of my journey by writing every day until my release.

At first I was overwhelmed by the idea, only because I have a heavy school load and the prospect of having do to anything more quite honestly scared me. I even began to become somewhat angry with that person and I thought to myself, “Who does this person think he is? He has no idea the things right now I have on my plate!”

It was at this point that I spoke to another friend of mine and began to change my thought process. He reminded me about who I really am as a person. Throughout this entire process I have developed a better sense of who I actually am: the values and attributes I can bring to the table. However, with the increasing amount of stress caused by my impending release and uncertain future, I lost myself and needed a gentle reminder.

After talking to my friend I began to think to myself, “Since when have you ever backed down from a challenge?” I had to do a little self-talk and say, “The Warren Schultz I know would greet that challenge with open arms.”

I have never been a quitter and I’m sure not about to start now. I welcome any challenge that may come my way on the road to redemption, for I know this will certainly not be the hardest or the last challenge.

Nothing worth having comes easily in life which is why I refuse to give up trying until I’ve taken my last breath.

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