February 19, 2015

Accepting Responsibility in Federal Prison

Of particular interest, was anything written by an actual prisoner. I was scared and I wanted to know about where I was going and what life was going to be like in federal prison.

I came across an internet blog published by a woman who calls herself the “Felonious P.H.D”. I was interested in her blog because she was a professional person who apparently was convicted of violating health care laws and was sentenced to prison. Her blog discussed the burden of being a single parent in prison and being separated from her child. (Tough situation for mother and child)

The blog went on to criticize the federal law that placed her in prison and the length of her sentence. At first, I thought to myself, you are correct, your sentence is too long and it failed to take into account your single parent status. However, upon reflection, I realized that the Felonious P.H.D. was struggling to accept responsibility for her actions. Before my case became public, I also struggled with accepting responsibility for what I had done. I wanted to blame the economy, my former clients, my ex-colleagues, medical expenses, and even God. However, I quickly came to grips with the fact that my poor decisions placed me in the position of being prosecuted in the Federal Court System. Once you accept that You are the person responsible for your situation, it is much easier to forgive yourself and move forward with a plan to establish a new life and make appropriate amends to the people you have injured. I am working on my plan for a new life every day!

Ken Flaska

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