November 15, 2014

Alone In Another World

I eat, sleep, work, go to class and exercise with approximately 575 other people who are confined to a 6 acre “campus”. I share an open air cubicle with two other men than is 80 square feet. I wait in line with 90 other people every day for lunch and dinner. I watch television in a small room with forty other people. I can sit in my bunk and hear 5 or 6 different conversations at any particular point in time. Despite all of this activity, I am as alone as I have ever been in my life.

I feel like a traveler who mistakenly landed in another world. I am stuck in this new world until my time expires and I can return to my old world. I have a difficult time communicating in my new world because I do not really speak the same language as the people who live here. It is like being stuck in limbo, and it is not very comfortable.

I suppose I could amend my character and my ways and try to fit into this foreign world? However, that would force me to make changes that I do not believe I should make. I believe that fitting into this world could be a real mistake.

Instead, I will mentally escape this new world as often as possible through reading, writing, classes and exercise. Communication with people from my old world will also support me as I bide my time in this new world.

Alone in another world is simply another consequence of making bad decisions. But I will overcome. I have to.

Ken Flaska

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