March 26, 2015

Are you getting sentenced to prison?

Much of my attention has been directed towards completing the new Federal Prison Advice membership site. I have been writing, filming videos I could never share on YouTube, and recording podcasts that will provide value to our members. I’m excited to be able to reach and impact more people.

The membership will be available for a one time registration fee of $497, then after 90 days the cost will be $19.95 a month. That modest monthly fee will allow me to continue to coach members, provide guidance through our weekly office hours, our webinars, and it will help offset the massive amounts of new member content we will be adding monthly. This is not some static site, but rather a site that will continue to evolve with content designed to cover all aspects of the system, including essential tools for post-prison life. For that reason, family members are welcome to participate, engage and learn. In sum, I created a program my family and I needed when I read:

Justin Paperny V The United States of America

An additional benefit to the membership program, is a sentencing tool that helps prisoners get an extra 1-6 days off their sentence (yes, I know it is not the game changer of the century, but time is time!). Note, this tool only works if you can pick your surrender date (as I did), or go in at a different time after you received a date. It is possible to rearrange your surrender date with some planning.

This tool also gives you the ability to try to pick your prison because you will see the space available relative to capacity. If you have interest in getting a few extra days off and trying to ensure you get the best institution before you surrender to prison, watch this video to learn how. This sentencing tool will be available separately, and also part of the larger Blueprint Training program I created.



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