Closing Prisons?

the compound is buzzing with speculation about the closing of private facilities. it certainly seems counter intuitive to have a for profit prison system as it requires a constant flow of inventory to remain profitable. there are rumors swirling that we will be moved...

4 Months To Go

time seems to be accelerating for me. I’m keeping extremely busy but the days and weeks seem to be flying by. 14 months in the books, only 4 to go. thank you to everyone that has been writing and emailing. it makes such a positive difference to have such a...


I’ve really enjoyed the toastmasters organization and the opportunity to hone my public speaking skills. I’m nearing completion of the competent communicator certification which is recognized by every toastmaster organization around the...


Patents I’ve been making good use of my time here and have been fortunate enough to have a closet with a counter that I can use every night to work. I’ve completed several new hardware and software concepts and will be filing over a dozen patents from what...

I Now Have A Locker

I now have a locker. After a year of being here my cellmate left and I was able to move to the lower bunk that comes with a locker. You would never suspect that having a locker would be a big deal but after living a year with my clothes, food, books et al stored in a...

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