500 Days In

500 days in. I’ve now been a prisoner of the united states government for 500 days. its hard to comprehend how much time has gone by. I’m trying every day to optimize this time to get healthy, improve my body and mind, and work on ideas for the future. I...

Ready Player One

ready player one I just completed reading an absolutely fantastic book, ready player one. if you like the 80s, especially 80s games definitely read this book. I have to send the author an UltraCade machine when I get...

Two Months To Go

I’m excited that we are down to 60 days remaining. I’m not going to sugarcoat it, having my second birthday in prison was no fun. I do appreciate the cards and letters and especially the surprise visit by my family. I’m looking forward to having my...

Molly’s Game

Molly’s game just finished my 210th book that I have read since arriving. its a great read and I recommend it. its called Molly’s game about an underground poker game. some of the players featured in the book were here at...

4 weeks until vacation

I know that my $18 a month salary seems like it shouldn’t come with any other perks, but in four weeks I get a weeks paid vacation! the last week of October I will be on paid leave and then I will retire as I move into pending release status and no longer have to work...

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