What Do You Expect Of Us?

What Do You Expect Of Us? The moniker “convicted felon” conjures up myriad words and thoughts in the collective minds of the public citizenry – criminal, dangerous, thugs, violent, murderers, druggers, rapists, unreformed, repeat offenders, and unrepentant, amongst...


RESTITUTION  Restitution, under the context of criminal law, is that part of your judgment whereby you as the offender are required to repay/reimburse your victim (plaintiff) for the monetary and/or other material damages that you appropriated from them.  Most think...


PRISON BIG BUSINESS After experiencing the lopsided totality of the federal criminal justice system (FCJS) firsthand via the mishandling of my case, I was both shocked at the unilateral power it wields under the guise of purportedly upholding the mantle of justice. ...

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