My Promotion, A Camp Christmas Story

  My Promotion, A Camp Christmas Story After working for 16 years as an executive assistant and receiving many promotions based on my performance, I always cherished those days of servicing the needs of my executives, of a job well done, and the rewards and...

The Morning Kitchen Crew

December 14, 2015 The doors to the Chow Hall kitchen at Bastrop FSC open at 5:00 am Monday through Friday and 6:00 on weekends. First to arrive are the two cooks and the CO [correctional officer] in charge of the kitchen for the morning. I roll in at 5:30 on weekdays...

The Power of Positive Thinking

To those of you who know me and for those of you who don’t, I’ve always been a positive, energetic, hard-charging, and self starting person.  I love a challenge and have never backed away from one as resolving the quandary and getting to the destination is...

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