December 23, 2014

Bingo in Federal Prison

Well the Holidays are rapidly approaching and they are highlighted by several special events at my new abode. Apparently, we get a special Holiday meal (chicken or cornish game Hen) on Christmas Day. We also received a Holiday gift bag full of junk food such as chips, cookies and candy. It was amazing to see how excited my fellow prisoners were when they received their holiday bags. They took them straight back to their cubes, dumped the contents on their bunks and immediately began to negotiate high level trades; ” I will give you a frosted flakes and animal crackers for your Bagel?”

The kickoff to Holiday week was Bingo. A young Man in my unit (a/k/a/ Former self described cocaine king of upper New England) and his sidekick ( Former Lower level meth dealer from middle Tennessee ) insisted that I attend Bingo with them. They mockingly suggested (based upon my age) that I needed to prepare for my post prison life which they assured Me would consist of numerous visits to the Bingo hall.

The Bingo event was announced over the intercom and a mad dash to the chow hall ensued. Envision, 80 grown Men, ages 22-80, running down a narrow sidewalk to secure a seat for Bingo. Of course, once you arrived at the chow hall, you had to wait 20 minutes in line before you were allowed to enter. Nobody in our group won anything so the contents of the prize bags remain a mystery to Me.

This is what my life has boiled down to, Bingo on a Wednesday night is the highlight of my week. Note to everyone, when you see me after I leave this place, never mention bingo, ever!

Ken Flaska

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