I’m thinking of making TShirts, “I was imprisoned by the blizzard of 2016” with pictures of our pen. We all survived the big snow, I don’t think we got as much as i was hearing about last night but certainly we got over 16 inches or so.

Our track was partially cleared and I went for my constitutional this morning and cut my own path thru the snow on the track. It is beautiful out today, bright sun, high 20s temp wise and a slight westerly breeze. A true delight to be out walking and looking out on the snow, it truly felt like I was somewhere else other than prison.

I must compliment the 40 or 50 inmates that worked around the clock since 2 Pm yesterday to clear the prison compound. it was a dauntless task and they served without any hoopla or thanks or extra food or any perk of any kind. These guys really busted it out there last night and all throughout the storm up to 10am this morning. Kudos men.

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