Oh my, to the great relief of all of the Camp our mascot was found, actually, he sauntered back to her home. After much trepidation and worry she made her way back in the late morning. She was interrogated by many of her admires but she would not reveal where she had been or who she was with, well, alls well that ends well I guess. But that her reputation is now in tatters is another story, we all know how rumors fly around the camp.

The really good news is that Jan is now in it’s final day and Feb begins in less than 12 hours, hooray for small favors. This has been the longest January i can ever remember, ever. I was told by a very dear friend that the reason for this being a very slow month was because Mercury was in retrograde for most of the month and when that happens everything slows down, electronics cease to work as they’re supposed to and it cause a general malaise. But that’s done too and we can blast thru Feb to my exit day of Feb 26th, I cannot wait, believe me, retrograde or not I’m hoping this month flies by ASAP.

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