Last week, several prisoners who work off the compound at one of the military bases got themselves in to some serious trouble. One of the prisoners had a cell phone hidden at his job site. He let one of his co-workers use the phone to call his wife. A Corrections Officer caught his friend using the phone. The phone was confiscated and the co-worker was issued an incident report and sent to the SHU to await shipment to a higher security level prison. The story does not end here. The prison’s investigative staff (SIS) examined the call history on the telephone and compared it with the approved calling numbers registry for all Pensacola prisoners. Additional prisoners were sent to the SHU and are now being investigated because numbers on their approved calling list appeared in the confiscated cell phones call history. They will probably be shipped to a higher security level facility as well.

There are other consequences associated with possessing or using contraband in prison. If you receive an incident report, you are prohibited from transferring to another institution for 12 months. You can also lose good time credit which results in the extension of your prison term. I, personally, do not want to spend one extra day in prison.
In addition, an incident report can affect the amount of halfway house time you are awarded by your case manager. A poor track record in prison can motivate your case manager to give you less halfway house time, and extend your prison stay.

I avoid all contraband in prison to stay out of conflict and insure that I do not engage in any activity that could result in an extended stay.

Cell phones and prison do not mix.

Ken Flaska

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