As I head into the clubhouse turn for the final two weeks I’m feeling all sorts of stress and anxiety as the final day approaches. I had an email from a friend who made a good analogy, it’s like being the lame duck at work after you’ve given your two week notice, the days just don’t want to go fast enough and everybody wants you gone as much as you do.

I also feel resentment from other inmates who have so much more time left to go and I understand that too, I get it, nobody wants to be here and when we see people leave it can get to them. Couple that with people leaving all the time it gets trying.

Winter has finally hit for real here in the Northeast, the days of 50s and 60s have gone, it’s snow for the next 3 days followed by an arctic blast with temps supposedly going into the single digits, brrrr, this certainly buts a damper on my routine and exercising in this weather outdoors is not going to happen. It also keeps all of us inside which leads to a little more “closeness” that nobody really likes. But I will continue to be as productive as possible and maintain my positive outlook, that’s about all I can do and continue to count down. I shouldn’t complain at all, I am getting out.

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