i would like to thank the BOP for something else today, to making me realize that I don’t need all the clutter and stuff in my life that I have at home.  Additionally, the BOP has ingrained in me the preciousness of space, and how to deal best with the major lack of it.  I now have everything I own here in prison in one locker, everything in 18 cubic feet of space.  All the clothes, toiletries, pharmaceuticals, food, drink, toilette paper and books and writing materials, all in my locker.  It has inspired me to get back home and organize my house and get rid of waste.  I have even put too much stuff in my locker and could probably get by very well with a third less stuff, certainly less food.  I think many of us in here have too much food, understandably so because so many of us are always hunger, the meals we are served are simply not adequate for keeping meat on our bones.  So we “stock up” on commissary items that we like and eat regularly, you only go to commissary once a week.  I have a friend in the organization industry and she would be very happy with my locker, for sure.  I wish she could see how neat and organized how ny locker is, so thank you BOP.

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