October 9, 2014

CNBC Interview

I have accepted a CNBC offer to be interviewed by Andrew Sorkin, a writer with the New York Times. You have probably heard of Andrew as He published the best selling book “Too Big to Fail”. He also produced the HBO movie ” To Big to Fail” which was an incredible view into the world of Wall Street during the Crash of 2008.

Andrew has apparently been retained for a program being produced for CNBC detailing white collar criminals and the real consequences they face upon conviction.

I accepted the CNBC interview offer because I want to demonstrate to the World that I have accepted responsibility for my mistakes, that I hope to learn from my mistakes,and reenter society as a productive person.

Certain Friends have stated I am foolish to continue to tell my story in public as it will only lead to more scorn, humiliation and embarrassment for me and my family. I disagree. I think telling the story is like a good confession. You feel better once you have confessed to your misdeeds.

In addition, I hope the interview may prevent someone who is contemplating improper white collar activities to think twice and refrain from such activities after they hear about all of the adverse consequences that flow from being a White Collar Criminal!

If I can prevent one person from destroying his life and the life of his family, the interview will be a success.

Of course, I am a bit nervous about the interview but I am a bit nervous about everything these days. I will let you know how the interview goes.

Ken Flaska

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