Disciplinary Matters From Federal Prison–Part 3

Series 100 or 200 shots, which are rare at camps, follow a similar judicial process as 300 or 400 series shots. Rather than seeing a counselor, however, an inmate appears before the Disciplinary Hearing Officer.

Since arriving at Taft Camp back in April 2008, I’ve heard of only one instance where an inmate received a 100 or 200 series shot. In August an inmate supposedly was caught smuggling cell phones and nutritional supplements onto the compound. Following his conviction, he was shipped to a higher security prison. Never again will he set foot inside a camp.

Obviously, the consequences for a 100 or 200 series shot are significant. In addition to transferring an inmate to a higher security prison, the Disciplinary Hearing Officer may lock the inmate in segregation for months or years, revoke commissary for months or years, and take away accrued good time. If the behavior violates criminal law, the actions will mostly likely be referred to the FBI for criminal investigation.

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