October 21, 2014

Expectations and Patience From Federal Prison

I have only been in federal prison for four days but I have learned that you have to expect the unexpected and learn a new level of patience. For example, I expected to go to a minimum security prison camp but ended up at a low security federal prison.

Clearly unexpected!

I was also thrilled to get my phone pin number to make phone calls to family and friends. The phone system requires you to record your name on voice recognition software for security purposes. Unfortunately, the software fails to recognize my voice and I have only been able to make one call to date. This will get straightened out in time so you have to be patient.

I expected that there would be toilet paper in the restrooms but I was wrong. Apparently, you have to buy your own toilet paper at the commissary. I had to borrow some to hold me over until my weekly shopping day. Again, patience is key. Clearly not expected!

I expected to understand all of the rules of prison because I read the handbook. I was wrong! Something’s just have to learn from the other inmates. For example, you cannot walk on the lawn in the compound area. There is no sign, so I learned the hard way.

I also learned that you have to be inside your unit ten minutes prior to mess call. I also learned that you have to check your milk prior to drinking it because it could be spoiled! Again, unexpected. In the real world ,it is much easier to deal with the unexpected. You have more resources and you take things for granted. I clearly took many, many things for granted in the real world including knowing where I was going, toilet paper in the bathroom, the ability to make a phone call when I so desired and unspoiled milk. I will no longer take any of these things(and many others ) for granted, ever again!

Ken Flaska


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