It is here, February 1st, for joy and hallelujah, I thought it would not get here and it has, now only 25 days to go to my exit.

The weather here today is incredible, it feels like it’s in the 60s already and its only 8Am, there is slush everywhere as the remaining snow is melting and disappearing fast. Our track was slushy and wet, good if we are all mudders, but I walked for an hour and a half regardless. I started off in my windbreaker and sweatshirt but the time I was halfway thru I was down to my T-shirt and sweatpants. I understand this is supposed to be the weather for the rest of the week, just great news for me. I will take it gladly and even if it gets really cold the week after, who cares, I’m going home. I have a few goals for the remainder, stay out of harms way, stay productive and stay positive and continue on the path that has gotten me thru the first five months of this experience. I think this could have been a lot worse and I’m thankful to all of my fellow inmates that have helped make it “not terrible” while I’ve been here. I hope in some small way I have help many inmates here get thru this as well and will continue to pay it forward as I go thru the last 25 days of my incarceration.

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