I have decided that today would be my final blog from prison, I want to thank Justin for giving me the forum to express myself and to share my thoughts, observations and feelings about my stay in prison on his site. I hope that in some small way it has been a help to those who are finding themselves in a similar situation are about to enter the system and for those who are my friends and family the blog has given you a small insight into my prison experience.

I intend to continue to blog, in greater detail, when I’m out of here after 2/26/16 and I hope that Justin will allow me to let all of you know where you can find my new blog when I’m out. I hope that most of you follow me to my new site and I invite you to contact me with your comments and thoughts, I welcome them all and will respond to everyone.

This blog has been very helpful and meaningful for me, it has helped me get through these past five and half months by helping me focus on issues that I feel are meaningful to not only myself but to everyone. There are many issues that require right minded people to take a closer look at the prison system in our country, specifically how the system dehumanizes the inmates and removes their dignity from them. There is an opportunity for our country and the people of our country to improve on the system and really make criminal justice be justice. People need to be aware of the very important issues that affect the 2.5 million people currently incarcerated in America and the more than 10 million people that are their direct family members. In the greatest country in the world that espouses human rights and second chances we actually have to make these words meaningful for all of our citizens.

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