November 6, 2014

A client asked me to name a few things successful prisoners do but never talk about. I went into greater specifics on our call. For purposes of this blog I post the summary:

  1. They understand their environment. Rather than seek to make friends or talk about the people they once knew or the money they made, they assess their surroundings and adjust accordingly. They are always watching.
  2. They know imprisonment is tougher on those that love and support them. As a result they adjust in prison accordingly.
  3. They make sure the time serves them by becoming introspective. Living introspectively allows them to find perspective and regain the confidence the system is exquisitely designed to extinguish.
  4. They demonstrate through their actions, not just their words that they are preparing for the obstacles that await their release.
  5. They never snitch!

I could rattle of dozes more, I suppose. In my case, these living patters helped guide me. They have also helped guide hundreds of clients.

Justin Paperny

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