March 9, 2015

The new site at will be live in a week or two. I am busy creating content, filming courses and adding more content to the membership page. As a courtesy to those who have interest in program, I will offer some videos, a copy of Lessons From Prison, and a lesson plan for free. The content below is what I will add to the free registration page. I already have at least 6 people waiting to enroll, and will stop at 100! Exciting. Reach out and get on board before I shut it down for the year. JP


Author of Lessons From Prison, Ethics in Motion and The Blueprint Training Program

“Justin is an amazing resource for my law firm’s criminal defense clients.”—Dmitry Gorin, Criminal Defense Attorney; Former L.A. Deputy District Attorney

“Without this program I am certain that I was on a path to fail,”—Mark Land, Prisoner, Terre Haute Prison Camp

Dear Friends,

Thank you for participating in this free, no obligation offer to test The Blueprint. It is my job to say this, I suppose, but I know if you make the effort to learn (as I and my clients do) you will emerge from this experience differently than those who continue to fail. If we can do it, I know you can too.

Frankly, the fear of the unknown can feel so paralyzing some of us never begin preparing. And I know some of you have come across my work before, and just did not feel as if the timing was right. For that reason, I offer this portion of The Blueprint for free to get you going, to work your way into action. I truly believe there has never been a better time in our history for felons to actively work to level the playing field (or even be further along) than those who have not endured our experience, or gained our perspective. With our help, you will seize opportunities because you will be ready to take them!


Once you log in you will have access to videos, books and lesson plans for your review. You will also have access to a training podcast I collaborated on with my partner, Michael Santos. Further, to truly enhance and shorten your learning curve you are invited to schedule a complimentary call with me.

Again, I created this free content so you can begin taking incremental action in the privacy of your home. Personally, there is nothing more exciting and powerful than sitting down, thinking and preparing to overcome what some would call the “battle of a lifetime.” You may call it something else, but whatever the name, if you prepare with our “Blueprint” you will succeed, of that I am sure.

Like any educational or transformational process, you will get out of this journey what you put into it—flip through it for three minutes here and there and you get nothing. Take a few notes, implement one minor strategy and you get no meaningful impact. Contemplate the strategies, however, and you begin to create the lasting change that is needed to emerge successfully.

A lot of people (including some angry competitors) have asked why I’m doing all of this: giving away a book I wrote in prison, creating all these free videos and tools, posting so much free content all over the web. The answer is simple. We all need a little help. I was blessed to work alongside and learn from Michael Santos for each of the 388 days I spent in prison. I was blessed and fortunate to be put on a path to success and transformation in my life, and I feel this need to share it with as many defendants and families as I possibly can. As I wrote in Ethics in Motion, “none of us have truly arrived. Rather, we are all works in progress.” I still have a lot to learn, and a lot to give. Teaching and giving back helps me accomplish both.

I also trust you will find value in the free resources and then one day join The Blueprint or consider hiring me personally to coach you throughout this whole process. There is a lot we can get done together.

For now, I encourage you to fill in your email to the left and get started. Please take the time and get started today.

Talk soon,
Justin Paperny

P.S. – Once we have 100 members training through The Blueprint, we will close it until 2016. Scores of clients are already benefiting through this program, so I do not suspect it will take too long.

It is never too late to start preparing…Download Lessons From Prison Now to discover what is truly possible in federal prison.

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