October 19, 2008

I had been a Republican all my life. Don’t blame me; it was my parents’ fault. My earliest political memories were of the Reagan Revolution that swept the country in the 80’s. Republications were dancing in the streets with promises of tax cuts, deregulation and tough on crime rhetoric. I grew up a child of the right but now that I am a felon and federal prisoner, I’m cheering for the left.

This morning I watched the political shows on three networks. The pundits predict a Democratic landslide. Obama raised 150 million dollars in September. With that financial war chest he is outspending McCain by 4 to 1. To illustrate Obama’s advantage, think of a basketball game: The McCains have the traditional 5 players on the court. The much richer Obama team has have 20 players. I like Obama’s chances.

Our country is in crisis. The housing market is in crisis. Stories financial institutions have fallen. Unemployment rates are soaring, energy costs are soaring, and we are fighting wars on two fronts. All of these challenges, colliding at once, bring us to a perfect storm for political change.

As a consequence of the failed Bush Presidency, millions of Americans struggle through economic calamity. Many, unfortunately, may suffer personal losses such as divorce, alcoholism and financial devastation. Some, like me, may find themselves targeted for criminal prosecution. My experience, as well as what I have learned from others, will position me to help individuals weather the storm and emerge from their crisis stronger.

Whereas my parents and community reared me on the virtues of trickle down economics, I now see the wisdom of a bottom-up approach. As a convicted felon, I welcome a second chance. With the changes that Obama promises, I expect to find my place in our new and more enlightened society. Rather than preserving institutions, our country is about to embark upon a significant investment in its people. I intend to work toward helping others reach their highest potential.

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