I remember receiving and sending cards announcing “WE HAVE MOVED”. They contained all of the relevant information about the move and had some cute little drawing or photograph related to your new residence. Well, I have created my own moving notice.


WHERE; Kenneth Flaska, 50000-039
FPC Pensacola
P.O. Box 3949
Pensacola, FL. 32516

WHEN; Around Mid-May

PHONE; Outgoing calls only! – Don’t call Me, I will call you.

My moving notice would have a stick figure drawing of a guy in prison stripes sitting on a prison bus in leg irons and handcuffs.

I may not be publishing my blog for a week or two depending upon my time in transit. I am looking forward to a change in scenery. I am told that camp life is much better than prison life. I am about to find out. I will not miss very much about my time in Jesup. I will miss my cellie, Damo. We have shared a cell for over a year and He has made my time easier to bear. We discuss business and politics and He understands my sarcastic sense of humor. He is leaving shortly for Texas and I wish him the best. I will also miss my buddy Morgan, a white collar guy from Winter Park, Florida. We walked the track on a regular basis and spent some time together on the weight pile. Finally, I will miss Jack, my friendly drug dealer from Atlanta.

He has a 3 year old daughter and we spent allot of time talking about our children. He has a legitimate automotive business that is still in operation and He plans to devote his time to his daughter and his legitimate business interests once He leaves here.

Time to make some new acquaintances in Pensacola.

Ken Flaska

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