Getting Sentenced In Federal Court

Today I would like to talk about how I’m feeling the day before my Sentencing Hearing with Judge Robert Shelby.

For many weeks I have had a multiple of emotions. I have felt, bitterness, humility, embarrassment, mental anguish, physical pain, love, the lack of love, loneliness, poverty, spirituality, anger, and a lot of feeling like I have let many people down including myself. My life was not supposed to be this way. I have no one to blame but myself. I have had a great family, many great friends, spiritual reinforcement, good health, good employers and good employees; I have been married to great women. I have the best kids in the world. Yes… My conscious says to me every moment that there is no one to blame except myself. I have stopped fighting with myself and have come to the spot that it is my entire fault. The feelings that I am having are very real and are the result of continued personal bad choices.

So today I feel incredible sadness for myself and all of those wonderful people that I have associated with on this earthly journey. I am extremely sorry for the pain and hurt that I have caused.

With those feelings of sorrow and sadness, I also have feelings of moving on and making the best out of my life. I am not dead yet… I have some time left and I should move on with the firm commitment to be the best that I can be. I have been blessed with many talents and abilities and I need to use them to bless myself and all those that I come in contact with the rest of my life. I want my family and fiends to know that I will repent and improve my life. I will spend my life trying to do good. With their help and help from My Heavenly Father I can restore my life and be a good example of someone who can overcomes bad decisions.




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