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Blog Entry 42

April 3, 2015

Setting a list of goals helps provide me with direction during those times we’ve all experienced when we don’t have any idea what our next step should be.

Not only do goals help me hold myself accountable, but for publishing them for you all to see it allows you to hold me accountable as well. The following is a list of goals I have set for the year following my release:

  1. Continue my education and acquire my business degree.
  2. Obtain a position with a company that allows me to utilize my newly learned skills and provides me room for advancement.
  3. Continue staying in better contact with family, even if it means joining social media.
  4. Continue building on my physical fitness gains I’ve made while here.
  5. Inspire someone to make a positive change in their life.
  6. Complete my first Spartan Race.
  7. Show people it is possible to excel in life after prison.

It is never too late to start preparing…Download Lessons From Prison Now to discover what is truly possible in federal prison.

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