January 4, 2014

Golf In Federal Prison

Over 25 years ago one of the networks did a “60 Minutes” type story on the amenities offered at minimum security federal prison camps. This expose led to the media stereotype of “Club Fed” The story described certain prison camps that had swimming pools, tennis courts and golf courses. I can assure you that my current residence does not have a swimming pool, a tennis court or a golf course. However, that did not prevent me from playing a round of golf this past weekend. Three of us were sitting in our unit discussing golf. Someone brought up the idea of Frisbee golf. In Frisbee golf, you toss a Frisbee towards a designated hole(fixed object) and each toss constitutes a stroke. We checked out Frisbees at recreation and proceeded to set up our 9 hole Frisbee golf course all over the recreation yard. We created a score card and off we went to the first tee. I am happy to report that my slice is gone. Unfortunately, I have developed a bit of a hook. We finished the course in 45 minutes. I shot a 42 and I was quite pleased as I had never played the course before. We have a tee time set up for next weekend and we hope to add another golfer to complete our foursome. Golf does exist in prison, but it is a bit different from golf in the real world.

Ken Flaska

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