March 30, 2012

Yesterday I participated in the 7th Annual Fraud Summit at the University of Texas at Dallas with Grant Thornton. It was a productive day, starting at 8 and ending at 5. My collaborations with Grant Thorton began in October 2011. It was wonderful to see our hard work displayed in front of about 75 participants, mostly internal auditors. Some of America’s finest companies were represented in the audience, and I considered it a privilege to help educate them on ethics, fraud, and of course, the lasting consequences that follow an inattention to ethics.

Every member in the audience received a copy of Ethics in Motion, and from that book I shared three stories: Chapter 3, Joshua The CFO; Chapter 9, Derick’s Bribery Charge; and Chapter 12, Ryan’s Accounting Fraud. I dissected each case with Grant Thornton, breaking down components of the Fraud Diamond and MICE Method. To start the day, I shared my story through the justice system.

Clearly, Grant Thornton is a leader in the field of audit and tax. This team’s expertise in presenting the facts and laws were impressive. Additionally, the event was successful because it was interactive. Getting through a long compliance is not always easy. That said, the open forum, and evocative discussion questions inserted throughout the day helped keep it lively and engaging.

I look forward to contributing again in the future.



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