I understand today is groundhog day, for me that always brings to mind the movie by the same name with Bill Murray, one of my favorite Bill Murray movies. It’s appropriate that today is the day, I feel as if I have been living the movie for the past 5+ months now, the sameness of every day is remarkable. As in the movie I feel I relive the day over and over, nothing seems to change from day to day in here. Yes, there are some things that do vary, such as the roster of inmates, since I’m I would say the inmate population has turned over about 60% from when I came in. Other than changing faces and the core 15% that are “long termers” the routines of prison are constant. It’s all about food, work, food, work and killing time. Even when you find a routine that works for you to get through this experience that do is a “routine” that is repetitive and very Groundhog Day. I guess this is the punishment of being here, the sameness and the boredom and the tedium that just never seems to go fast enough. Talk to any of the guys here and the first complaint is the boredom and the sameness of each and every day. It’s not the food, the living standards, the lack of space, the lack of privacy, the lack of family and friends, it’s always the boredom.
By the way, i don’t remember the rules of the real Groundhog day, if he sees his shadow its 6 weeks of more winter or if he doesn’t it’s the opposite, but whatever the rules are I hope he is saying NO MORE WINTER. I like the 60 degree temps in Feb.

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