August 4, 2014

5 Reasons You Should Take the Halfway House

Through my prison advice services I am frequently asked my opinion on the halfway house. Contrary to public opinion the halfway house is not right for everyone. Location, potential length of time in the halfway house, job status, family situation, and the way a prisoner served their time are just a few things to consider. No two people have the same release plan. For that reason I will offer some general highlights or reasons someone should take their halfway house placement.

For clarity, there were many days in the halfway house I wish I had finished my term at Taft Federal Prison Camp. Other days, of course, I was convinced I had made the right decision to go to Vinewood Re-entry Center in Hollywood. But regardless of how I felt I always knew I wouldn’t be free until the term ended. Spending time in the halfway house may not bring all the aspects of imprisonment. Still, you will know you are confined. Now, quickly, 5 reasons you should take the halfway house:

5) Home confinement! – Presuming you meet the criteria, eventually you will qualify for home confinement.

4) Weekend passes! – If you secure a job, follow the rules, pay your 25%, and adjust well you will eventually qualify for weekend passes.

3) You have a job! – Having a job in the halfway house kept me out of those filthy living conditions for 14 hours a day.

2) You got 6 months through RDAP, Residential Drug Abuse Program. – If you qualified for RDAP and received a year off your prison term you will want to participate in the after care programs offered in the halfway house.

1) You are ready! – Too many people release angrier from prison than whey they arrived. I saw many men in the halfway house struggle with their job, finding a job, staff, and as a result got violated and were sent back to finish their prison term at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Downtown, LA.

In later blogs I will share thoughts on why someone should turn down the halfway house.

Justin Paperny


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