June 19, 2016.

Happy Fathers Day! Another Holiday in prison. The good News is all of the memories I have from many past Father’s days with my boys. I sat around and day dreamed about sailing, golfing, baseball tournaments and bar-b-ques. Great memories to help get me through the day.

I heard another one of those shocking prisoner stories this week. A former Doctor (Maxwell) from Northern Florida was scheduled to leave on Tuesday for a half-way house. His wife was coming to pick him up. Most prisoners are sent to a half-way house and/or home confinement near the end of their prison terms. I, for example, hope to be released to a half-way house in south Fort Meyers sometime next year. Once you get to a half-way house, you can work, have a cell phone and a computer. You can also visit with your family on a regular basis. Halfway-house living is a substantial upgrade over the prison camp.

In any event, before leaving the compound to go to the half-way house, each prisoner must get each prison department to sign off on his release. Maxwell went around to obtain the necessary signatures but the medical department refused to sign off. Apparently, He had asked for a C.T. Scan 10 months ago that was never scheduled. As a result, the medical department would not sign his release until the scan is completed. Maxwell said He would take care of it on his own once He got to the halfway house but the medical department would not budge. He had to call his wife and tell her not to pick him up on Tuesday. He is scheduled to have the C.T. scan within the next two weeks, but will have to wait another two weeks for the results. It looks like Maxwell will spend another month in prison because of the failure to schedule a C.T. scan. I cannot imagine the mental high associated with leaving prison in a few days and the low resulting from being told that you have to stay for another month.

I am going to make sure my medical status is up to date to avoid this type of disappointment.

In prison, but still a father.

Ken Flaska

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