Holiday Newsletter From Federal Prison

Well the holidays are upon us and many of you will be receiving annual newsletters from family and friends. I was never a big fan of the Holiday newsletter. They almost always painted a picture of a family living in Utopia without a care in the world. How did all of those children get All “A”‘s on their report cards? How did they all win championships in their respective sports? How is it that everyone loves their job?
When I read these letters, i must have been jaded. My life, and the life of my family, was far from perfect. I viewed the newsletters with suspicion (is all of this really true?) and/or with envy (If all of this is true, I am clearly jealous).
I always stated that one year I was going to prepare a family newsletter that was honest to a fault to amuse my family and friends. It was going to be a gentle jab at the “Rockwell” Like newsletters that we received. I never took the time to follow up on my threat.
Well, Now I have the time but my new reality is not that amusing. I suspect that most people would not want to read a newsletter that covered our Family’s recent events? It would go something like this;

” Merry Christmas! I just got through putting up Christmas decorations in My prison cube, and I must say, they look great. My beautiful Son had to drop out of college because I used his college fund to help pay restitution in my case. On the bright side, He hopes to return to college in January, 2015 dependent upon financial aid. My lovely wife is holding up well despite the death of our other son and Me being in prison. Chaser, Our Westie, died. We had to give away our flat coated retriever, Mac , to a great friend since our new condo is quite small and there is no yard. Many friends are no longer speaking to Me as a result of my actions which means we will save allot on postage since we have fewer people to mail this newsletter to. My brother-in-law had a stroke but He is doing much better now. Etc., Etc., Etc., …….!

Now that I read this, I realize it is much better to receive a Happy Holiday Newsletter!
All joking aside, the Flaska Family is physically healthy and despite our emotional and financial burdens, we have hope and faith that the future will be brighter.
Celebrate the birth of Jesus and give thanks for all of the wonderful things in your life. Merry Christmas!

Ken Flaska

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