January 12, 2015

How Much Does It Cost To Live In Prison?

Yes, it is easier to sit to write a blog, then use my subpar video and editing skills to create a video. Still, I welcome the challenge of trying to convey through a new modality how someone can better prepare for prison. The content of my prison advice, regardless of its delivery, should trump all. I hope my readers or viewers agree!

Through my work I get into all issues related to preparing for life in prison, to the Residential Drug Abuse Program, to life in prison, and of course, life after prison. Some of these topics are severe as “How to manage a $10 million dollar restitution?” Some are as simple as budgeting. To that end, I created a short video on budgeting inside a federal prison. If prison is in the future for you or your loved one, I would watch it.

Justin Paperny

P.S.- My next video on the Residential Drug Program should be posted this week so check back here or subscribe to get notified.

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