When I was in federal prison at Taft Federal Prison Camp, I grew to hate hearing myths that too many federal prisoners treated as fact. At times I think it was just easier to belief the myth because it was an excuse to not prepare for life after prison.

“What is the point? It will not matter anyway. Just forget about it. Why even bother? are questions and statements I heard daily. 

How To Succeed on Federal Probation

How To Succeed on Federal Probation

Those statements were simply rationalizations to remain lazy and indifferent to the challenges any felon faces after release.

For purposes of this post, and the video I share, I am referring specifically to life on supervised release. Every day in federal prison, I heard.

  1. Your probation ain’t going to let you travel!
  2. He will not let you work from home or start a home based business.
  3. They will find a way to throw you back in prison, so it doesn’t matter what you do.
  4. Why look for a job in the halfway house? The probation officer won’t approve it anyway.

Rather than buying into such garbage, I took a different approach. I wanted to demonstrate to my probation officer why I was worthy of more liberty and why I had earned the right to build a home based business. I did not just talk about it. No, I worked from prison each day. I wrote blogs, grew my network, lined up employment opportunities for my release. Then, I wrote letters to my probation officer–I read the letter I wrote to him from prison in this video. You should copy it and mirror my prison adjustment.

As a result of my efforts, my three year term of supervised release was a piece of cake. I was honest, transparent, and I do believe my probation officer viewed as someone who was working hard to make amends. As a result, he respected me.

For those of you on the way to prison, you choose which road is better for you: complaining, buying into made up myths or preparing. Your call…

Justin Paperny

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