My dearest family, friends and followers, I know that many of you are wondering what it’s like in prison and what I’m experiencing on a day-to-day basis. My success here depends on keeping a positive attitude and adhering to BOP Rules & Regulations.  This blog provides me a Raison d’être while confined here at Butner Federal Prison Camp. While the blog provides an excellent platform for me to remain connected with my family, friends, business colleagues and followers, I’ve found that it provides me a daily motivation to observe, consider and share those insights that help me succeed in prison. Each day passed is another success. Further, I hope it provides some semblance of inspiration, hope and introspection that will have positive and lasting effects on its readers. I must be careful in introducing areas that my be considered sensitive by prison officials. That said, I’ve started reading my fourth book since arriving: The Divine Comedy by Dante Aligheiri, a timeless trilogy describing a remarkable poetic journey. I’ve never aspired to be a poet; in fact, I’ve never gravitated toward this writing technique. But now seems to be a good time to embrace my vulnerability and release my inner Dante. Hopefully, this will address your curiousities. Alas (see, I can learn), be patient with my innuendos and slightest attempts at humor:


Imagine waking up one morning
And your world is inside out;
We all must stand together
For the first time, zero clout.

Imagine all your belongings
Being defined by a 1 X 3;
Allows you to focus on priority
Family, Friends, and me.

Imagine a meal-time decision
Choose Number 1 or Number 2
It’s whatever or nothing
Clear for me, how ’bout you?

Imagine your fashion statement
Consists of sweats and “greens”
Until now I ne’er understood
What it meant to “have the means.”

Imagine only drinking water
Twenty-four hours every day;
For cleansing the body and soul, I hope
Pathway to heaven I surely pray.quotation-dante-alighieri-desire-love-meetville-quotes-61755

Imagine sleeping with flashlights
Dancing periodically across your face;
Every two hours I’m reminded
I’m still confined in this dreadful place.

Imagine a slippery underground
That thrives on unused stamps;
I dismiss these frequent distractions
To succeed and conquer these camps.

Imagine wanting a seat to watch TV
Yes, dictated by “prison rules,”
Quickly moving after Big Smoke’s stare
One of many survivor tools.

Imagine overhearing this exchange
While waiting for Ma Bell,
“You been hookin’? Good. Send money.”
“Life without packaged tuna is hell.”

Imagine a rumor of dialing “Deuces”
Heart filled with urgency and fear;
Answer: “What? Bleeding from where?”
“This is an emergency line my dear!”

Imagine your “bunkie” consisting
Of a kingpin, conspirator or fraud;
I’m one of them by number now.
My mind and soul though, belongs to God.

Imagine exceptional performance
Defined by an unrecognizable presence;
Attention and initiative: zero upside
Deliberate and polite keeps you “inside the fence.”

Imagine this is your reality
Groundhog Day dream of sorts;
It began with a few bad choices
And then escalated to the courts.

Imagine waking up one morning
And your world is inside out;
Be pure and cheer me from the sidelines
Don’t posture to fight this bout.

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